TIS Foundation was established to revitalize high-poverty communities through the delivery of essential support services, innovative workforce development programs, and creative entrepreneurship opportunities. Founded by Dr (Mrs) Ogay Irono who is a non-profit leader, educator, counselor and mentor, she has been serving youth and families living in poverty in the U.S. and Africa since 1994. TIS foundation has provided critical support services and economic empowerment programs to families in crisis in the United States and West Africa through their partnership with AFRICAN COMMUNITY BRIDGE FOUNDATION (ACBF) in Africa. TIS has brought purpose and hope to some of the most impoverished and underserved individuals in rural African communities – most especially women, children and youth by providing relevant skills and training and educating deserving youths.


Creating Opportunities and fostering socio-economic development for Nigerians and Africa as a whole is the premise upon which we have developed strategic partnerships with different stakeholders in various sectors of the economy. Our partnership with TIS foundation and MOTIR INC. is such that will help achieve this fore.



  1. Business collaboration which will greatly impact macro-economic indices in the US and Nigeria.
  2. TIS is tackling many issues in high-poverty communities in the United States same will impact in Nigeria to reduce poverty.
  3. Help to fix the agricultural value chain, so that production can go smoothly and largely.
  4. Family and youth-centered initiatives are focused on filling gaps in critical community services necessary to move families from crisis to stability and growth, including community outreach (farming, agriculture, and general trade education), youth development initiatives and workforce development programs which are done in the United States will be adopted here in Nigeria.
  5. Leveraging on innovative industry partnerships to create seamless pathways to economic opportunity by connecting low-skilled workers to jobs, and offering skills training and entrepreneurship opportunities while addressing their most critical support needs.
  6. To revitalize high-poverty communities through the delivery of essential support services, innovative educational and workforce development programs, and creative entrepreneurship opportunities to high-need families which most of our partnerships are geared towards.
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