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In international trade, when drafting International Contracts, the parties usually focus on the terms expense but pay little attention to terms of dispute settlement. Thus, the parties should be aware that disagreements and disputes can arise at any time. Therefore, in the process of concluding an International Economic Agreement, the parties should note the provisions on the selection methods of dispute settlement if a dispute occurs. Currently, there are 4 dispute resolution methods in International Trade as follows: Negotiation, Mediation, Commercial Arbitration and Litigation. At Lakinberg, we offer our clients the opportunity to explore in depth the various options for the adjudication of disputes, and especially to examine how they are played out in the International arena.




At Lakinberg LLC we are motivated to champion the Immigration requirements of our clients for the purposes of transacting businesses within and outside of Nigeria, the USA, the UK and Canada which include Residence Permit, Expatriate Quota, Business Visa, ,Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card, Tourist Visa etc. We provide both legal and technical advice culled from the wealth of experience of Lakinberg LLC in immigration matters whereby documentations are perfected without hassles.




Mediation is a dynamic, informal tool of International Dispute Resolution in which a third party, called the mediator who is otherwise a neutral, disinterested third party assists the parties to reach a negotiated agreement through making of compromises.




Arbitration is another tool of International Dispute Resolution in which a neutral third party called the arbitrator appointed by the parties determine the disputes for the parties and give its award.

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