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Lakinberg LLC offers corporate structuring service for shareholders, and investors depending on their corporate goals and industry in which the organisation operates. One of the key decisions that a business owner must make is the type of business structure to be applied. We therefore offer corporate structuring of business service with understanding of various parameters such as day-to-day operations, taxes and the amount of personal assets at risk.


Shareholders and investors business structure affects the health and growth of organisations globally. Getting this right from the onset or right at the stage you are is very crucial to guarantee the overall success of your business over the long haul.


Whether your business will be setup in your local country of presence, or you intend to register an international business, our team of experts can help you consolidate your plans into a corporate entity and structure. Kindly fill and submit the contact form to enable us reach out to you.


Lakinberg also provides a strategic positioning and collaboration with the right business partners. Our clients who have made the best use of the relationships and contacts we provide are thriving in their businesses and consistently record profitability.


Lakinberg LLC provides introductory advisory services through our pool of business partners. This service enables our clients to form strategic alliances with their prospective industry vendors, suppliers and customers. We link our clients with their target audience even before they setup their business operations through our introductory advisory services.


You can reach out to our consultants through the contact us form to learn more about your destination country of investment and industry specifics. And we will be glad to offer you some free advice to get you started on your foreign investment journey.

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