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International Trade Agreement And Documentation


Trade documentation is considered a critical constituent of international sales as export transactions involve much complex documentation work. Lakinberg LLC prepares trade documentations and agreement which facilitates international transactions, protecting interests of exporters and importers located in two different countries governed by different statutory and legislative frameworks.




The purpose of any contract is to set up an agreement that protects the interests of everyone involved. The way international trade contracts are written is considerably more complex than those needed for domestic deals. At Lakinberg, we help you understand the basics of these contracts and how they can affect your Import and Export operations. The importance of getting your contract right can’t be over-emphasized. A solid contract can help you avoid disputes and possible litigation, both of which are especially risky when trading in a foreign environment. Lakinberg LLC negotiates and closes all transactions on the company’s behalf. Nevertheless, when negotiating with clients, we offer the products strictly according to the clauses and circumstances of sale, which the company has predetermined.




International flow of goods is not possible without international flow of information. This must be exchanged between various stakeholders, including government authorities and transport intermediaries. The information is provided and exchanged in paper or electronic form, these are called Trade Documents. These Trade Documents and the data elements contained therein are defined and prescribed by National and International regulatory requirements in fields such as Health, Consumer Protection, Safety, Tax and Revenue, Trade Policy, Environment and security.


Transaction documents have different origins, but they also serve different functions. They can act as contractual documents, such as Insurance Policies, Bills of Lading, Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantee, Bill of Credits etc.

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