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Get your document legally notarized in minutes

Lakinberg offers Notary services in Washington DC and the state of Maryland. Document certification, oath and authentication of documents.

How It Works

Upload your document.
Connect to a live Notary and confirm your identity face-to-face on a webcam.
Electronically sign and apply eNotary seal.

Why Choose Us

Legally Notarized And Secured Within Seconds

In Lakinberg, one of our preeminent factor is security, for that reason, we utilize SSL encryption and Amazon’s private cloud platform which are recognized as standard in security. For further conviction, we acquired EXPERIAN E13PA certification.

e-SIGN With Your Keyboard

Surprised right? Our e-signing technology requires just your keyboard and no additional software. While you’re in an online sessions with one of our notaries, you can easily sign by typing your name with your keyboard into the documents. We en-rooted a number of security features into the document to protect the efficacy of your signature. The legality of e-signature is well constituted by the e sign act of 2000 UETA

Identity Authentication

Identity theft is one of the most dangerous crimes in America and by extension, the World. In Lakinberg LLC we stop it before it actually occurs. We meet and to a very large extent, exceed the highest level of ID verification and authentication standards using very reliable tools.

For Enterprises

Workflows Pattern

We have patterned solutions for any enterprise, be it startups, SMEs, even big companies. You can always count on us to get notarized documents back speedily and effectually.




  • Within USA
  • Per Notarization



  • Outside USA
  • Per Notarization

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