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Who we are

Located in the economic capital of Nigeria-Lagos State, Lakinberg LLC is headquartered in Washington DC, with corporate Offices in California, London, UAE and Vietnam. We are poised to provide business solution to existing businesses and budding structures from regulatory advisory and compliance to international trade advisory.
We are strategically and firmly structured in (Five) 5 Continents all headed by trade lawyers overseeing all trade transactions.


Lakinberg LLC is an International Trade Consultancy with services in Export / Import Consultancy, Business Development, Company Formation/Structuring, Due Diligence, Notary Public Services, Regulatory Compliance and Advisory amongst others.


We are structured strategically both domestically and globally to create practical, flexible, and adaptable solutions using both human and technological capital to deliver proven processes, ensuring measurable, transferable, and sustainable growth. Our ability to combine technology with business positions us strategically in the global space to accomplish trailblazing solutions.


At Lakinberg LLC, we believe there is a strong and correlative relation between the national economy of the countries and business opportunities.


Also, we have an integrity driven and structured investors platform where through technology, investors can meet potential businesses or concepts to invest in and existing businesses and existing innovative ideas can meet investors.


Lakinberg LLC is a member of international trade council, Lagos chamber of commerce and industry, District of Columbia Chambers of Commerce, Los Angeles Chambers of Commerce and San Francisco Chambers of Commerce.


International Trade plays a vital role in the promotion of the national industry, enhances communication channels and upgrades quality of manpower in different economic sectors, such as agriculture sector, petroleum sector, communication sector, education and training sector, health sector, vocational associations, etc.


International Trade is able to gain much economic opportunities for the interest of the National Economy. It is considered a key driver for economic stability. Many Governments in the world list international trade outputs within their gross domestic products as well as while analyzing the cost output of public investment in the sector.


Imagine a simplified International Trade from the United States, UAE, Europe and Africa, we make that happen, contact us if you’re interested in intra Africa/U.S trade, Europe /US Trade. Europe / Africa Trade, lets help you get started.


Creating global business solutions and blazing the trail in international business.



To create Global impact in businesses, individuals and Economies of Nations



LAKINBERG LLC is a consortium of professionals providing business consultancy and solutions to international trade, business structures and every aspect of commerce and regulations internationally and locally.

Our Approach

Our business professionals research and analyze the organizational issue(s) to identify the root causes of the organizational challenge and design and implement solutions, integrating the senior leaders and all levels of employees.

We achieve outcomes through:

  • Program Management
  • Training and Assessment
  • Organizational Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and Employee Education
  • Human Resources Development
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Program Development
  • Project Implementation

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