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FDA registration is a basic requirement for domestic and foreign establishments that manufacture or market Food, Drugs in the United States (USA).


All foreign Establishments must have a US-based FDA Agent while carrying their registration with the FDA. This is a mandatory requirement and without a US FDA Agent, the registration cannot be completed.


Lakinberg LLC is therefore positioned as a provider of FDA compliance and assistance.


We understand that the regulatory landscape is constantly changing as the FDA releases new rules and guidance documents; we are committed to keeping our clients educated and compliant with FDA requirements.


We tick the following boxes for you;


  1. We take care of the Registration of your Facility with the FDA in the United States.
  2. We provide answers to all your FDA questions.
  3. Fast and Efficient enrollment process.
  4. We act as your Agent for regulatory Purposes.

The registration process cannot be processed and completed without the US FDA Agent.


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FDA Certification

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